Studio PLAAT is Koen and Ernst.
Looking for a way to show your products 'real'?
We are happy to show you around in the world of 360 product photography.
360 product photography, allows your customers to view, rotate and zoom your products from any angle.

We work efficiently and quickly with our innovative recording techniques and workflow.
Different types of product photography and total post production under one roof.

We build enriched interactive product presentations.
All our animation work seamlessly on desktop / laptop, smartphone and tablet.
Whether it is a fair presentation, social media or online campaigns, our goal is to convert visitors into customers through unique, interactive product animations.

Benefits of 360 product photography at a glance:
- earn back your investment by increasing your conversion rate
- reduce returns
- minimize unnecessary support costs
- receive all hig-res image sequences that we use to render the animations

Extra plus of 360 degrees product photography Google improves your page ranking.
Google monitors how long visitors are on your page.
Visitors stay on your website longer when using 360 degree photos compared to regular packshots.
And that ultimately makes you easier to find in Google search results!

Interactive product animations are a smart way to reach smartphones users, they can make a good estimate on a small screen before making a purchase.
That is why correct product presentation is more important than ever.

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!

A successful 360 product photo or pack shot is a mix of the right technique, creativity and feeling.
In product photography, shape, color and detail deserve all the attention to get the most out of the product.
By adding atmosphere, shine and / or extra depth of field, your product will stand out.

Studio PLAAT provides high-end product photography and VR panorama photography:
- 360 product photography
- 3D product photography
- product videos
- product packshot
- 360 VR panorama photography

Professional product photography makes the difference and contributes to a successful marketing strategy.

Generally, we have the following questions before you:
- do you want the product photos detached or not
- what color does the background get
- is there a house style that we have to take into account in the end   result (logo, watermark, shape/color of navigation in the animation)
- the product is photographed at a predetermined angle.
- if continuity of product photography is important, we make a lighting   plan that we can reproduce
- whether or not shadow or reflection on the surface
- what ratio will the 360 ​​/ product photos get (in a web shop square  photos are often used)
- there is a maximum file size per animation / product photo
- in which file format do you want to receive the 360 ​​product   animation or packshot

Studio PLAAT has 10+ years of experience with very diverse forms of product photography.
We offer a complete solution for photographing and editing images.
Our fully furnished studio of 200 square meters is equipped with all necessary equipment and facilities.

Studio PLAAT supplies product photography, animations and product videos for website, webshop, advertising campaign or printed matter.
Our images are made for e-commerce presentations on tablets and or smartphones.

The fact that you can write does not mean that you are a good writer.
That's why you're not a photographer if you can hold a camera.
Photography is a profession.
We have learned to handle a studio setup and know from experience what it takes to get the best out of your product.

Whether it concerns photographing single products or a multiple there of
We are happy to be your creative partner in packshot and 360 degree product photography.

We can also make product videos of most products.
Results are easy to integrate into almost any webshop software and CMS system.
You can of course also use the product videos with YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc.

Using shadow creates the effect of depth on your product photography.
In most cases, the products we photograph are made free-standing and on a white or colored background placed.
In some cases the product seems to float because they have no surface.
To prime the product again we can add a shadow.
There are different types of shade that you can apply in different ways.

- natural shade
- hard shadow
- soft shadow
- software shadow

Our photo studio is very suitable for shiny, mirrored and transparent products.
Shiny products, when highlighted, show very bright spots on their surface called "highlights" / "speculars", this is due to the reflection of the studio light.
The bright spots on the shiny objects are shaped like the light source.
It is generally accepted that two square or octagonal light boxes can recognize in the shiny spots.

Mirrored objects reflect the entire environment.
Mirrored objects are best photographed in a fully controlled environment.
The light tent (tabletop studio, photocube or photo tent) is the best solution for photographing shiny, specular, glare, transparent, plastic or glass products The products are placed in the tent, the tent is illuminated from the outside, so we get the best lighting for professional 360 product photography.
Advantages of light tent:
- products are photographed in uniform and diffuse light
- shadows are minimized
- annoying reflections are controlled
- Seamless transition from background to foreground
- white and black reflection screens

Jewelry 360 product photography is a profession in itself.
From striking bracelets and watches, to earrings and the smallest diamonds, jewelry photography is always a creative challenge.
Photographing jewelry is a special specialization in studio photography.
The way of lighting is crucial for jewelry.
We often use diffused light, for example through various soft boxes, to prevent reflections in the jewelry.
We also use white and black reflection screens to balance the white and black contrast.

Clipping paths or background removal are used to make products free from their background or layer.
This removes any distracting factors such as shadows from the image.
This offers the possibility to place the product over another product, on a new background, or on a different color.
After freestanding, a shadow can be added under the product.
Making it detached is not very complicated, but it is a precise and time-consuming process.
Making a bicycle free-standing, of course, takes more time than making a square product packaging free-standing.
A 360 product animation consists of 18, 36 or 72 photos / frames, all of which must be cut out.
The products are made free-standing with hand-drawn paths and / or masks, in accordance with the standard in the graphics industry.
Making detached is not suitable for transparent products, the background used during the photo shoot remains visible.

In web shops you sometimes see: a product that only changes color but not shape.
This is done by means of coloring a product.
Recolour works best with solid colors.
If you have one product that comes in different colors, then recolouring can create peace and unity.
With photography you never get the exact same result for every different color.

It can be a huge cost saver, only one product photo needs to be taken.
The coloring is cheaper than several individual product photos.

Are coloring interesting for your products?
Check the points below to view the delivery conditions.

In principle, it is only possible with solid colors.
Heathered fabrics or prints are sometimes difficult to color.
Shiny products are also difficult to color.
A good starting color is important for the end result.

Practical example:
For example an orange shirt with dark blue stripes and a b/w logo, this must be changed to a green shirt with white stripes.
Because the dark blue stripes are close to the b/w logo in terms of tone, will also color the b/w logo and / or b/w piping to white when changing to white stripes.
The solution is to select the logo and / or piping selectively so that only the dark blue stripes are recolored when changing.

To avoid any color problems, we would like to receive a black and white and a color copy of each unique article number if present.

Implementing our animations in your website webshop is easy to do or have done.
Customers often only want to receive the image series because they or the programmer already have animation software / plugin.
When we make our animations we work with different software platforms.

Garden Gnome Object2VR:
the outputs are easily integrated into WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
Using the plugins / extensions and the Garden Gnome package (GGPKG).
The GGPKG contains all the necessary information to integrate the 360 ​​animations into your website or your customer his CMS site.

The WordPress plugin can be installed via the WordPress plugin page.
For Joomla and Drupal, you can download the plugins below and then install them.
Each plugin has settings that you can configure within the CMS.

Cappasity 3D and VR / AR technologies:
is a comprehensive solution for the interactive visualization of products in 3D and 360, Cappasity is a simple, scalable platform for creating, embedding and analyzing 3D and AR / VR content.
We are introducing the first platform to solve the problem of creating and embedding 3D and VR / AR content on a affordable way.
Cappasity is mainly used by SMEs.
The ecosystem includes content storage and copyrights storage.
API & SDK for external developers.
Free tools and modules that allow users to connect to the platform.

With the hosting service it is super easy to place the animations on your website.
Our servers are backed up, updated and well secured.

- animation posted by an iframe tag.
- price per animation regardless of the number of hits
- player updates are free and are installed without you having to do anything
- monthly terminable
- analysis & insights Google analytics
- online files backup
- servers with a high up-time
- data is stored securely on our servers

is an animation technique that has become particularly popular due to claymation.
The bottom line is that you always take a photo (frame) of the subject, which always moves a little bit.
If you put the loose frames together as a film or poison, you get the impression of movement.
You get the best result when you use 24 frames per second.
If fewer frames are used then the end result is more choppy.

Time lapse:
Time-lapse photography allows you to accelerate slow events.
Think of the build-up of a thundercloud, an approaching storm or the apparent movement of the stars at night.
Timelapse is a kind of mix between photography and filming. You take individual photos, but then you combine them on the computer to a movie. This means that you must have the final film image in mind when taking the series of photos.

Bullet time:
Or array photography is a concept that was introduced in the movie The Matrix and that indicates a special way of slow motion filming.
Often dozens of cameras are used that film the action from slightly different angles all around.
If all photo cameras take a photo at the same time, the movement will stop.

The higher the number of photos / frames per rotation, the smoother the 360 animation will rotate.
Studio PLAAT can photograph up to 360 images per revolution, our e-commerce customers usually choose between 18 and 36 images per 360 product rotation.
The number of photos / frames per 360 product rotation affects the total file size.
For web stores, this is something to keep in mind, affect file size:
- number of photos per animation
- zoom levels
- image format
- rotate automatically
- mobile devices: internet speed and processor speed.

Animation options when opening the web page:
- stationary, rotate product with mouse or finger
- Rotate 1 x 360 degrees, rotate product with mouse or finger
- rotate 360 degrees continuously, rotate product with mouse or finger
- video, run product with play button

Zoom to inspect the product even better.
Deep zoom, Smart zoom, Multi Rendering, Multi resolution, hi-res zoom etc and etc.
Different names for the same technique.
This technique allows you to zoom in very specifically on any part.
For example if your product is large or very detailed.
The download time is limited because only the part of the animation that is zoomed in is loaded.
The individual product photos are divided into small detail photos.
This happens for each of the zoom levels.
When the visitor zooms in on a part of the product, only the corresponding detail of the photo is loaded The advantage of this is that the different zoom levels are loaded faster and there is less data traffic between visitor and server.
Zoom and mobile devices: Please note that the 360 ​​product photo loading time depends on the speed of mobile networks.
The performance of a smartphone's graphics processor may also cause the 360 ​​product animation to run slow.
If the mobile device is connected to a WIFI network, 360 product photography generally works without problems.

Hotspots are useful to help the viewer learn about important parts of the product.
Using hotspots in a product animation makes it extra interactive and informative.
Hotspots can contain text, photos and or videos.

There are two types of hotspots:
Point Hotspots (individual points)
Polygon Hotspots (part of the product)

For example, the hotspots can show a plus sign that they are clickable.
The hotspots are animated and resize to attract the attention of the viewers.
When you click or tap on hotspot, a popup opens with the chosen content.
The popup is within the boundaries of the animation and can be closed by clicking or tapping the popup again.

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